Friday, 30 May 2014

Blogging interruption - and answers

I've been having major problems logging in to blog, so apols to those who I know posted comments which were also questions.  Not sure what the techy problem is.

I was asked about the Garston Masterplan and if there is an update on this.  There is sort of.  The plan was signed off by the City Council and there is a project being started through the organisation Sustrans called Pocket Places which is about potential improvements to the pavement/shared space on St Mary's Road.  It's funded by money from the Health Lottery.  At the moment literally all that's happened is the announcement that there is the project, and there will be some meetings/consultations etc.  I am on the mailing list for this so will blog etc to let people know when things move.

Obviously there were other things in the Masterplan so what I'll be doing is as and when I get info about the various bits, I'll post stuff on here and put info in my e mails.  If you want to get regular e mails of news about the area (mainly L19 and L18) e mail me at and I will put you on the list.

I was also asked re the Co op.  I do know that there is an organisation talking to the Co op right now about using the building.  Nothing is confirmed though,  It is something we keep checking on so again as soon as I have some more useful news, will post.

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