Monday, 7 April 2014

Saving the Library

Some time ago I blogged about the Council's announcement that half the community libraries in Liverpool may have to close.

Obviously many communities love and value their local libraries and want to keep them.  In Garston we've set up a Save Garston Library Facebook group so that interested people can keep in touch, and we've done some preparations in case we have a fight on our hand. We have a Friends of Garston Library group so we do have a structure if we need to take any action.

The Council isn't announcing which libraries it's targeting yet.  In fact this might not happen until the summer.

However, as the library service is statutory, the Council is obliged to run a "consultation" ahead of any proposed changes.

As part of this consultation, there's a questionnaire which is available from libraries as hard copy but also on line at this link

If you care about your local library, or indeed about the library service generally, do please fill it in.  the deadline is 16 May.

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