Sunday, 9 March 2014

Update on Garston plan consultation

UPDATE:  Here's the link to the Cabinet meeting stuff as mentioned.

I blogged last year about meetings organised by Urbed ( a consultancy) as part of drawing up a "masterplan" for Garston.

The consultancy was working on behalf of the Council.

Anyway, a report was published and we knew the Council had to decide whether or not to adopt it before any of the recommendations could be put into action deliberately.

It all went a bit quiet and in fact we asked just last week about what was happening.

The latest news is that the report will be discussed/adopted at the Council's Cabinet meeting on 21 March.  The paperwork isn't on the web yet but the most recent bit of information is here

There've been some developments which supersede some of it (for example the Council deciding it wants the skate park at Otterspool and the activity at some of the empty shops on St Marys Road bringing buildings back into use with no intervention from anyone else).   However most of whats suggested is still current.

I'll blog again with the link to the Cabinet meeting material when it's available.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paula, did anything ever come of this? Would be interested in any updates...