Monday, 1 July 2013

Free boilers for older people

Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton are involved in a scheme which can provide free boilers for older people who own their own homes or who are in private rented accommodation.  It's part of a system of Government rules which say that energy companies have to put something back by funding things like this.

I've pasted below a press release about the scheme.  It's a bit wordy but the contact details are at the end:

Free Boilers to older people across Merseyside

Liverpool Construction Company, Fletchrose, has teamed up with Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton to deliver a programme of free boiler replacements for older people across Merseyside.

Under the Affordable Warmth ECO Scheme (Energy Companies Obligation) home owners and people living in private rented accommodation are entitled to receive a fully fitted high performance boiler as part of a commitment to reduce carbon footprint and tackle fuel poverty by the UK’s leading energy firms.

Fletchrose currently deliver heating services to both the commercial and private markets and have the resources and processes in place to step up their service delivery, and cater for the needs of those affected under the ECO scheme. Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton has partnered with Fletchrose in a bid to raise awareness of the initiative to the many homeowners across Merseyside that may well benefit from the scheme.

Paul Durose, Chief Executive of Fletchrose said: “There is a large pot of money that must be spent by the energy companies under their wider obligation identified by the government. We want to ensure that people are aware and are able to benefit from this opportunity. Also, it is not just older people who qualify for this incentive; people in receipt of certain other benefits may also meet the criteria and therefore achieve savings through the replacement of their current boiler free of charge.

“Alongside Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton, we aim to drive this initiative forward and raise awareness to the thousands of older people that this affects. Gas prices as we all know are spiralling in a way that is inconsistent with any increase in Government pension support. A high performing boiler can help significantly reduce energy bills, improve efficiency and warm up homes – therefore impacting directly upon the standard of living of those affected.”

Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton added:

“We believe this initiative will play a major role in helping to keep older people warm and safe and welcome the opportunity to work with Fletchrose to improve the lives of older people in our community”.

For more details and to see if you could qualify for a free replacement boiler, please contact Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton on 0151 330 5678.

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