Sunday, 14 April 2013

More on the Meadowlands.

My colleague, Cllr Tina Gould, Lib Dem Councillor for Mossley Hill has been looking into Labour's plans to sell off the Meadowlands (a piece of land by Sefton Park).  She's discovered that, among all the other reasons not to sell is the fact the trees there are meant to be protected.

There's a special Council meeting about this, and other potential open space raids, on Thursday this week (18th).

I've pasted below the info from Tina:

Liberal Democrat Mossley Hill Councillor Tina Gould has discovered that the Meadowlands site which the Council is pushing ahead to flog to developers is not only part of Sefton Park Conservation Area but the 90 plus trees (vast majority being mature trees) on the site are covered by a Tree Preservation Order. 

 “The Mayor would need the talents of a 'flog it’ presenter to sell this land given the many council imposed restrictions on it!” says Councillor Tina Gould

It’s bad enough that the Council is pushing to sell off this valuable green space, the least they can do is protect the dozens of mature trees on the site.  I’m calling on the  Mayor to guarantee that these mature trees will be protected.  It’s the Mayor’s long term ambition for Liverpool to be European Green Capital, if he allows any development on that site which results in those mature trees being felled he will have let people down massively.” Said Councillor Tina Gould

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