Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Friends of Garston Library

We're having our first meeting of the Friends of Garston Library group later this month.

It's on 16th February ( a Saturday) at 11 am.

As it's a first meeting, it'll be up to us to decide what we want to do in future as a Friends Group and how we want to be set up. 

Obviously there is not an infinite number of chairs in the Library and we are meeting when people are in there trying to use it - so if you want to come along and haven't already let me know, please drop me an e mail at paulakeaveney@yahoo.co.uk.

There's been a bit of stuff in the media today about possible library closures.  This meeting has been in the pipeline for a long time and so is not a reaction to that.  However if Garston does come under threat in the months to come, it could be extremely helpful to have this group.

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