Thursday, 19 July 2012

ATM Campaign update

I've blogged before about my campaigning for more fee free cash machines (ATMs that don't charge you to get your own money) in Liverpool (and elsewhere for that matter)

Back in May, as a result I suspect of some of the media coverage, the people from LINK came up to Liverpool to discuss things but also to have a look around the various areas which were local cash deserts. There were quite a few of these and many were in areas of deprivation, making the problem not just annoying but a real tax on poverty.

Anyway, the good news is that another tiny step foward is being taken in that the visit has now been written up and is on the agenda for a Council committee next week (Wednesday's finance committee).

So hopefully this will mean the problem gets highlighted again and some action gets taken.

Its not a problem the Council can solve on its own (although it does own buildings that in some cases would be great ATM locations) but the Council can help create situations which make it more likely that fee free cash machines will be put in.

One of the cash machines in Cressington that charges takes £1 80 for each withdrawal.  If you think about someone taking cash once a week that mounts up considerably.  And even if you only pay the price once, that's £1 80 that you could spend on something like bread and milk, or orange juice, or cereal.

So what on the face of it sounds like a small issue can actually be a big problem if you are cash poor and at a time when many people are strugging surely this is a problem we ought to crack.

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