Saturday, 21 April 2012

Waste plant site update (April 2012)

June this year sees another lot of hearings into the whole issue of the waste site near Cressington Heath.

The City Council designated this site (Stalbridge Dock) as the official sub regional site for Liverpool for a waste plant of some sort.  This was as part of a wider Merseyside Plan. (Anyone who knows the area will know that this designation was in the face of opposition from people who actually lived in the area)

The wider Merseyside Plan, including all the various choices of site, now goes to a hearing with an Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate to check out things.

The hearing starts in mid June but by the looks of it the sessions on individual site choices won't be until the end of the month.

I sent in objections to Stalbridge, as did the land owners ABP, and so I have been asked if I want to speak at the hearing (which obviously I do). I was the only local Councillor or representative to bother to do this.

The hearing organisers have drawn up some questions about the Stalbridge site for the hearing to explore.  These include whether in fact the site is deliverable given the fact that Jack Allen walked away and the land owners are not keen. Obviously if the site is "undeliverable" this throws the choice of Stalbridge into doubt and maybe the City Council will have to think again.

I'll blog again when the exact dates and times are confirmed.  The hearing is in St Helens.

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