Sunday, 4 December 2011

Garston waste plant site - update (December 2011)

Richard Oglethorpe and I had a meeting with Associated British Ports a few days ago to discuss the land at Stalbridge Dock.

This is the site that Jack Allen Holdings wanted to build a waste plant on, but then decided not to (see earlier posts on this)

We wanted to see if there was anything else planned for that land (and also if we could persuade them to choose something other than a waste plant)

The history of this site and the rows about it is long so forgive me if I don't recap everything here.  We have written to people living near the site with a fuller update (although if you have questions please don't hesitate to e mail me at

Mr Jervis from Associated British Ports told us that they are not currently pursuing any other waste firm for that particular site and are happy for it to be empty for a while.  They haven't had any other approaches either.

He also said that ABP has concerns about the Council's decision to designate the land as the official sub regional waste site for Liverpool.  (We were rather surprised to hear this!)

There is now a short period for consultation on the "soundness" of the Waste DPD Plan (the scheme that includes this designation) . (E mail me if you haven't seen this and want the link to the "consultation".)

ABP are not  attached to the idea of a waste plant there.  The company's criterion for leasing the land is that whoever wants to use it must be in a "port related business".Obviously this could be something else although some of the "something elses" would clearly also generate traffic.

I'll post again shortly about the follow up actions Richard and I are taking.

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