Monday, 25 January 2010

Taxi rank??? Comments please

A consultation is about to start over whether to put a taxi rank back in front of the shops by the Cenotaph in Garston (Woolton Road).

I am told there used to be one before. To be honest I don't remember it but whether or not I remember isn't really relevant.

The taxi licensing people have asked whether the rank can be re instated and so nearby residents and businesses will be consulted (consultation should start on Friday).

I have to say my initial reaction is that I am not sure there is room here. When I go past this spot, most of the parking spaces do seem to be taken (albeit for short periods of time) and I am not sure where the visiting shopppers will move to if three of the spaces are given over to Hackney cabs.

On the other hand perhaps people would welcome knowing they can pick up a taxi there?

We are being consulted on this as Councillors also and I would like to hear views before coming to my own decision. Please feel free to post them here or e mail me at my council address which is


PM Swimmer said...

Doesn't really seem like a sensible idea to put it there. Its pretty busy there most of the time with people going to the shops/ takeaways and the quality of the driving from those pulling in and out is shockingly bad already can't see that adding in black cabs would help on either count.
Wouldn't it make more sense to put it outside the South Parkway station, either within the station complex or in the area earmarked for residents parking , theres plenty of space? This would be easier to find and advertise and far more use to those going to the airport and who light be running late because of train delays.

Paula Keaveney said...

It now transpires that because of an earlier request for loading space for the shops, this may be dead before it even starts. I am going to leave this post up however as if the consultation does go ahead I want to make sure I have people's views.