Monday, 9 November 2009

Station Traffic

A group of Councillors (not just from my ward but from neighbouring ones also) are to meet with Merseytravel and the Council's highways officers either at the end of this month or the very beginning of next month to look at the sticky problem of parking around Liverpool South Parkway Station. It's great that the station is successful, but despite the extra spaces created at the back, residents still report problems with blocked drives etc because of spill over commuter parking. I suspect this is not something that can be solved overnight but is rather a longer term issue that needs more than the odd extra space. I'll update once the meeting has taken place.


PM Swimmer said...

Can you also take the time to look at, or require Mersetravel to review, the initial research and assessment that would have been done to model that stations use and car parking requirement before it was given planning premission and do some work to figure out why it was clearly wrong? Otherwise your not bothering to learn from your mistakes, identify what needs to be done in these assessments in the future and are basically saying that the planning process is a set or arbitarary hoops with no basis or requirement for accurate evidence.

Could I also suggest you discuss the ridiculous and frankly dangerous bus lanes that have been put into Horrocks Avenue.I've lost count of the numbers of times I've seen people nearly hit as they turn left onto Speke Road by some one in completely unecessary bus lane.

Paula Keaveney said...

The bus lane problem is also on the agenda as I too have seen instances of near misses.

I am not sure where Merseytravel got the original figures from. Certainly the existing space is a lot more than was provided previously at the station(s) replaced but it clearly isn't enough.