Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Garston waste plant update

The closing date for objections (the original date was extended because of the second letter with new information) is tomorrow (13th August). However the planning department will consider objections arriving late as long as they arrive before the material is sent to the planning committee. I have been doing some checking about when the planning committee may consider this. The likely date at the moment is 15th September. This is very provisional at the moment though so my advice to anyone wanting to come to the committee is to mark this date (morning) in their diaries for now and as soon as we have hard and fast information I will post it here.

All three of the Cressington Councillors have sent in objections to the scheme and we are working with residents and residents groups to oppose the plan.


PM Swimmer said...

You failed to respond to this comment the last time you posted on the waste plans (which I'm very grateful for) so I'm posting it again. I really would like to know what the local lib-dem party's position is on this.

I am however a little concerned about the comment ‘all three of the Councillors in Cressington’ are opposed to the scheme.

Obviously I’m glad to hear this but would like to know if the Lib Dem councillors across the city are opposed to it?

The reason for my concern is that there is common political tactic of politicians opposing things locally whilst knowing full well that the rest of their party will support it and this broader support will trump any local efforts and allow the proposal to pass.

The effect of this is to give local people a false sense of what the position of a political party is and in effect to disenfranchise them from decision making as because they have you on side they assume that this is the position of your party. In effect it allows local politicians to dodge the difficult questions or make difficult arguments and fails to provide them the info they should have when casting votes. Think of the odious Hazel Blears and hospital closures.

The truth is this a major local issue for Garston, the sort on which both the actions of the local councillor and the political parties should be judged and to make that judgement we need to know both the view taken by you and that taken by the lib dem party in Liverpool.

Simply put we in Garston can’t vote out Warren Bradley if he decides that the other lib dems should support the proposal therefore we need to hold you to account for that decision and to do that we need info on views of the party.

Paula Keaveney said...

Planning law means the councillors on the planning committee are not allowed to take a party line or in fact to say in advance which way they will vote (if they did they would be ruled out of taking part in the vote anyway). It makes it very difficult to make blanket statements about any particular party or group. (Someone did do this ages ago at a public meeting on something else and we all came very close to an appeal because of it!) People who are not on the planning committee can say what they like and lobby for their views. Warren Bradley isn't allowed to mandate his members on planning and neither can Joe Anderson. If either did this and it was discovered, and believe me in this particular instance it would be, not only would there be a risk of a decision being overturned but individuals involved in the process may well face serious penalties

That's why I can comment on mine and my colleagues position but cannot make a blanket comment which may then be seen to cover members of the planning committee.