Saturday, 11 April 2009

Liverpool Commission update

Later this month its the final meeting (well final before the recommendations report is written) of the Liverpool Commission. The Commission is an independent body set up by Liverpool City Council to discuss and make recommendations around a number of things including recruitment of potential councillors, training for elected members, systems of scrutiny, involvement of marginalised groups etc. There are two councillors on this body - one is me - but the majority of members are independent of the Council. Liverpool is one of nine Councils running something like this although I understand some others are likely to follow.

I have blogged about this before but the reason I raise this now is to remind people that the next meeting is 23rd April in the evening. The meetings are held in public so people are welcome to attend. Also though there is still time for people to send in thoughts.

Information about the Commission (mainly minutes and agendas from previous meetings plus details of time date and venue) is on the City Council website - You can also e mail me with questions though - either post them here or e mail me at

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